Basic Low Option into Chin Option

Basic Low Option into Chin Option

The Low series from Princeton Offense which gets the ball into the low post and segues into the Chin series to create a couple of other scoring options.

Part 1 – Initial Entry and Cut Away

 Basic Low Into Chin Part 1

1 makes a pass to 3 (guard to forward) on the wing which will initiate the Low action.

After that pass is made, 1 cuts towards the strong side elbow and continues the cut out to the weak side deep corner. (This is also known as pass and cut away).

From this point, 5 attempts to seal the defender to establish position on the low post block on ball side.

3 makes the pass into the post. 5 looks to create a scoring opportunity by using low post moves.

Part 2 – Quick Backdoor Action

 Basic Low Into Chin Part 2

If the low post option is not available, 3 dribbles towards the empty right slot previously occupied by 1.

This dribble action then triggers a backdoor cut for 2.

If 2 is open on the backdoor cut, 3 can make the pass for the layup.

If 2 is not open, 3 will continue the dribble towards the slot and 2 continues the cut to the right corner.

As this action is happening, 4 fills the previous spot occupied by 2 while 1 fills the previous spot occupied by 4.

In addition, 2 comes out of the corner up high to fill the wing spot that was occupied by 3.

5 also flashes to the high post elbow on ball side.

Part 3 – Quick Scoring Option (Chin)

 Basic Low Into Chin Part 3

From this point, all players are in the correct spots on the floor to run Chin.

This Chin action starts off with 3 making a reversal pass to 4 in the opposite slot.

At the same time, as 4 is reversing the ball to 1, 3 will come off a back screen set by 5.

1 looks to hit 3 near the basket for the quick layup.

This action (and many others) is taught by Coach Lee DeForest in Wiinning With The Princeton Style Offense.

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