[Early Offense] Loop/Back Cut

[Early Offense] Loop/Back Cut

Early offense sets that creates a quick shot for the team’s best shooter or a scoring opportunity near the basket. These actions are good for teams with quick players that can take advantage of transition defense that is not fully established.

Loop Cut Action

Loop Cut Action

For this diagram, the opposing team just scored a basket and the ball is being inbounded by 4.

4 quickly passes the ball in to 1.

1 begins to quickly dribble the ball down the floor towards the area currently occupied by 2.

As that action occurs, 3 sprints up the floor looking to get to the weak side corner.

At the same time, 5 and 4 sprints near the painted area to set a pair of staggered screens for 2.

After 5 and 4 are in position to set the screens, 2 makes a loop cut coming off the screens to the top of the key behind the 3 point line.

1 passes to 2 who can take the quick, open shot.

Back Cut Action

Back Cut Action

This action is similar to the loop action but instead involves a back screen for 5.

Also, for this diagram, the opposing team just scored a basket and 5 becomes the inbounder.

5 passes the ball to 1 and begins running down the court.

1 begins the dribble down the floor looking to occupy the spot held by 2.

At the same time, 3 sprints down the court and sets up in the right deep corner.

4 sprints towards the mid post to set a screen for 2.

2 makes a loop cut off the screen of 4 looking to set a back screen for 5.

5 comes off the back screen of 2 cutting to the basket.

1 looks to pass inside to 5 for the quick layup.

1 can also pass to 2 who can pop out after setting the screen (not shown on diagram) for the open shot.

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