Horns – False Action (Quick Hitter)

Horns – False Action (Quick Hitter)

A quick hitter out of the Horns set that creates some inside/outside scoring opportunities by utilizing screens and a little bit of misdirection on the court (hence the name ‘False Action’).

Part 1 – Initial Ball Screens

false action - part 1 - initial ball screen

1 comes off the screen set by 4 near the elbow extended.

After setting the screen for 1, 4 sets a cross screen for 5.

5 comes off the screen while 4 pops out to the opposite wing near the foul line extended.

Part 2 – Scoring Options

false action - part 2 - scoring options

As 4 pops out to the opposite wing, 5 goes to set a on ball screen for 1.

1 comes off the screen and dribbles near the elbow.

5 also rolls to the basket.

1 has several options depending on the defense.

1 can take the open shot, kick out the 4 or 3, or dump the ball inside to 5 for the layup.

Part 3a – High Low Alternative Option

false action - high low alternative option - part 1

Here is a alternative option if the screener’s defender decides to hedge hard on the ball handler.

However, the defense will probably not hard hedge most of the time because this leaves the paint wide open.

1 comes off the ball screen set by 4.

As this occurs, the defender of 4 makes a hard hedge to attempt to stop the potential drive by 1.

4 rolls to the basket when the hard hedge occurs.

At the same time, 5 fills the top of the key.

Part 3b – High Low Alternative Option

false action - high low alternative option - part 2

1 reverses the ball to 5 at the top.

After the reversal pass is made, 5 executes high low with 4.

4 looks to score with a quick basket at the rim.

If 5 has range and the defender sags off, 5 can also take the jump shot if open instead of making the high low entry pass.

Here are more actions out of the Horns set.

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