Horns Offense Resources

Horns Offense Resources

This page features a variety of resources that cover the Horns Offense. The Horns Offense is good for teams with post players that can pass and/or score and guards with three point shooting abilities.

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Horns offense – complete guide to plays run by every NBA team – This article covers the pros and cons of running the Horns Offense, the Horns setup, pick and roll plays, and plays for shooters/post players.

Basketball Offense – Horns Offense – A-Set Offense – This is another article focusing on the Horns Offense. It demonstrates basic actions, plays for shooters, and plays for post players.

Best of the Horns Sets – This page features a variety of Horns plays in a Slideshare format. The Horns actions come from international teams, NCAA teams, and NBA/WNBA teams.

How the Lakers Run Horns – This is a good video by Lakers Film Room that shows some of the Horns sets Weak Elbow Get and Flex Motion by the LA Lakers. The video also demonstrates Horns with ball screens, after time out sets, and counters.

A-Set Offense – In this DVD, Coach Lason Perkins demonstrates several Horns actions on whiteboard and via a half court 5 on 0 setting. Coach Perkins also shows how the Horns set can be used as an entry into Motion Offenses such as Open Post or 4 Out 1 In, Flex Action, or against zone defenses.

Horns Offense – This is another DVD by Coach Lason Perkins on the Horns Offense. Coach Perkins covers the basic actions from Horns, pick and roll plays, plays for shooters, and plays for post players. Towards the end, there is an interview about the Horns set with Coach Eric Musselman and some game footage of international teams running the Horns Offense.

Encyclopedia of the Horns Offense – This DVD features coach Fran Fraschilla covering the Horns Offense. Coach Fraschilla demonstrates several types of cuts, different types of ball screens, and Horns actions from international teams. Coach also shows plays to get the ball inside to the low post, plays to execute during the late game, isolation plays, and how to run Horns out of the secondary break.