Princeton Offense – Sweep Series

Princeton Offense – Sweep Series

The Sweep series within the Princeton Offense is initiated from the Low series. This action is a good counter against teams that take away backdoor opportunities by playing sagging defense.

Part 1 – Low Into Sweep

Sweep - Part 1

The action starts out in Low.

1 passes to 3 on the wing and cuts to the opposite corner.

If 1 happens to be open on the backdoor cut, 3 can pass back to 1 for the layup.

Also, 3 can pass to 5 if 5 has the post up advantage.

Otherwise, the action will continue into the sweep series.

The Sweep series is triggered when the wing with the ball dribbles across towards the top of the slot.

Part 2 – Backdoor Option From Opposite Slot

Sweep - Part 1

3 dribbles toward the top of the key (a little bit above the right slot).

This dribble action tells 4 to backdoor cut towards the basket.

If 4 is open, 3 can pass inside to 4 for the layup.

If 4 is not open, 4 cuts out to the right corner.

At the same time, 2 fills the vacant slot left by 4.

Part 3 – Ball Reversal and Elbow Fill

Sweep - Part 3

From here, 3 reverses the ball to 2 while 5 comes up to the elbow.

Part 4 – Down Screen and Wing Fill

Sweep - Part 4

After making the reversal pass, 3 goes to set a down screen for 5.

5 comes off the screen towards the slot near the top.

At the same time, 1 is coming up towards the wing near the free throw line extended.

If 5 is a good shooter, 5 can shoot the open shot.

Otherwise, the action continues in the next diagram.

Part 5 – Backdoor Option (Overplay)

Sweep - Part 5

5 dribbles towards the wing area on the right side.

This dribble action triggers 4 to make a certain move depending on the defense.

In the particular example, the defender of 4 is denying the pass and overplaying the passing lane.

If that happens, 4 makes a backdoor cut to the rim.

5 makes a quick bounce pass to 4 who scores the layup.

Part 6 – Dribble Hand Off Option (Sag Off)

Sweep - Part 6

Here is another option starting with 5 in the slot if the defense does not overplay or sags off.

4 executes a dribble hand off with 5.

At the same time, 3 is setting a brush screen.

This screen is set by 3 just in case 4’s defender attempts to go under the dribble hand off.

It is also important for 4 to stay as close as possible to 5 when executing the dribble hand off.

This will ensure that the defender of 4 is not able to go over the top as well.

Once 4 has the ball, 4 can shoot the open shot if available.

Part 7 – Scoring Opportunities

Sweep - Part 7

If the shot is not available, 4 dribbles back toward the right slot.

On this dribble action, 5 rolls to the basket and 3 pops out to the right side wing.

As that action is occurring, 1 is setting a flare screen for 2.

2 comes off the flare screen and cuts to the left side wing near the free throw line extended.

1 also replaces 2 in the left slot.

4 has the option to pass to 5 on the roll. If 5 doesn’t receive the pass, 5 pops out to the right side block.

4 can also pass to 3 for the open shot on the right side or 2 for the open shot on the left side.

Part 8 – Continuity Option

Sweep - Part 8

If none of those options are available for 4, the action will begin again with Low.

4 passes to 3 on the right side wing and cuts to the other corner.

3 has the option to pass inside to 5 or hit 4 on the cut to the basket.

If those options are not there, the action will continue similar to the diagram in Part 2 – Backdoor Option From Opposite Slot.

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