Quick Hitter – Red Vader

Quick Hitter – Red Vader

This quick hitter is executed within the Princeton Offense. It involves ball reversals, a back screen option to get the ball inside, and also a elevator screen to create a shot from the perimeter.

Part 1 – Ball Reversal & Back Screen

Part 1 - Ball Reversal and Back Screen | Quick Hitter - Red Vader

The sequence starts with 1 reversing the ball to 4 who then swings it again to 2.

As those passes are happening, 5 flashes to the elbow to set a back screen for 1.

At this point, the action looks somewhat like the Chin set as 1 cuts to the basket.

However, instead of 5 setting the flare screen for 4, 5 moves to the top of the key.

At the same time, 4 also goes down to the right post block replacing 5’s previous spot.

2 looks inside to 1 for the layup.

If the layup is not available, 1 comes out to the low post on ball side.

Part 2 – Ball Reversal & Vader Screen

Part 2 - Ball Reversal and Vader Screen | Quick Hitter - Red Vader

Next, the ball is reversed to 5 at the top.

On that reversal, 3 moves up near the mid post to set a pair of screens with 4.

1 goes in between those elevator screens towards the right wing area.

5 passes to 1 who takes the open jump shot.

Part 3 – Dribble At & Basket Cut

Part 3 - Dribble At and Basket Cut | Quick Hitter - Red Vader

If the jump shot is not there, 1 will dribble at 5 towards the top of the key.

This dribble action triggers 5 to cut to the basket.

1 can make a quick pass to 5 if that is available.

If the ball is not received from 1, 5 continues the cut to the low post block on the left side.

At the same time, 3 fills and replaces the wing previously held by 1 while 4 spaces out to the right side deep corner.

Part 4 – Transition into Low

Part 4 - Transition into Low | Quick Hitter - Red Vader

From here, the action will segue into the Low series.

1 reverses the ball to 2 who then makes the post entry pass to 5.

5 looks to score via low post moves.

This quick hitting action comes from Princeton Offense 2.0 with Coach Lee DeForest.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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